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Welcome to AquaStars Swim Academy

AquaStars Swim & Training Academy is a privately owned family-run swim school which first became established in 2016 at Ladybridge High School in Bolton. We first began with just 20 members providing 1.5 hours every Saturday. This quickly grew to include more hours to our programme, and we can now deliver swimming lessons in Bolton on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturdays all day.

Offering lessons for a wide range, children can join us from 3 years old.

Our class sizes are kept small, and our swimming instructors are water-based for all beginners up to stage 3.

Dive into Excellence at Every Stage

At AquaStars we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim, regardless of age or ability. Our comprehensive programme is designed to cater to swimmers of all levels, from beginners taking their first strokes to advanced swimmers looking to refine their techniques.

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Stage 1-4

During stages 1-3 of the learn to swim programme, our teachers are water-based and in the pool with the swimmers, allowing for extra support and confidence building. Stage 1 is for complete beginners and teaches the basics. Stage 2 is for building confidence in what we’ve learned and starting to try to swim independently. Stage 3 is swimming without armbands but still with lots of teacher support, plus jumping in the water, submerging and perfecting the basic swimming techniques. Stage 4 introduces all four strokes plus skulling, log rolls and push and glide.

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Stage 5 - 10

During these stages, instructors oversee independent and confident swimmers. Stage 5 refines strokes and introduces advanced skills. Stage 6 focuses on breathing techniques, distance swimming, and water safety. Stage 7 marks the final step in the Learn to Swim programme. Stage 8 develops competitive swimming skills. Stage 9 covers underwater racing techniques, and Stage 10 consolidates learning and prepares swimmers for competitive club swimming or other water sports.

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Swim Club & Junior Medic Classes

Club group is open to swimmers of stage 10 and over. In this group, swimmers learn the skills they need to continue their swimming journey as a competitive swimmer. They learn how to swim sets, how to read the clock, how to sprint, how to dive and how to stretch properly before exercising.

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