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Say hi to our Training Academy - the next part of our swimmers' journey in the water. Here we cover Stages 5 to 10 of the Learn to Swim programme, and we extend our reach beyond it with our Swim Club and our junior Medic course.

For these stages, instructors no longer need to be in the pool as swimmers need the freedom to move independently and confidently through the water. The same level of encouragement is still offered so children still feel supported, but swimmers have the opportunity to develop their individual swimming styles.

Like previous stages, Stages 5 to 10 are divided into progressive stages, which form part of the core National learning swimming objectives for school-aged children. These have been carefully designed to develop your child’s essential aquatic skills that will stay with them forever, allowing them to be confident, competent and safe in and around the water.

Our Swim Club allows swimmers to learn the skills they need to continue their swimming journey as a competitive swimmer. Whilst our Junior Medic class is a great way to learn life-saving and first-aid skills helpful in and out of the water.

Stages 5 to 10 - Where Confidence and Skill are Built

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Stage 5

It's skills and full-stroke time! Throughout Stage 5, children will be taught how to coordinate swimming in each of the 4 different strokes to the Swim England standards using both their arms and legs. Treading water, handstands, summersaults, and stationary skulling will also be practised.

Stage 6

Full stroke techniques! Breathing techniques and distance swimming are the focus of Stage 6. Here, swimmers will focus on developing effective swimming skills, including coordinated breathing, water safety and an understanding of how to prepare for exercise while continuing to build stroke techniques of all strokes. During these lessons, we will do swimming in PJs, shout and signal rescues, and surface diving.

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Stage 7

Final stage of Learn to Swim! Stage 7 will see children perfect all 4 strokes and skills learned in the previous stages of AquaStars and Swim England standards. During Stage 7, swimmers will develop quality stroke technique while completing further distance swimming badges such as 400m.

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Stage 8

Welcome to Competitive Swimming! During this stage, swimmers are taught the skills required to swim competitively. In Stage 8, swimmers begin to learn the theory and practice of turns, starts, sprints and distance swimming. Even if your child doesn't fancy racing quite yet, the skills developed during this stage will help them to become a stronger swimmer all around.

Stage 9

This is where we really focus on Underwater Technique! This stage focuses on the importance of starts, turns and underwater skills needed to race. Teamwork is also important, and the introduction of relay races will be practised.

Stage 10

Ready to take on any swimming discipline! This final stage will allow your child to consolidate all of their learning from the previous 9 stages. Long-distance achievement certificates will be accomplished, and children will have the opportunity to progress onto competitive club swimming, diving, water polo or synchronised swimming.

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Swim Club - The Path to Competitive Swimming

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The club group, catering to swimmers at stage 10 and beyond, serves as a pivotal platform for the transition into competitive swimming. Beyond the acquisition of technical skills, the programme places a strong emphasis on instilling discipline, dedication, and a passion for the sport. Participants not only learn the intricacies of swimming sets, clock reading, sprinting, diving, and proper stretching but also delve into the mental aspects of competitive swimming.

Coaches impart valuable insights into goal setting, race strategy, and maintaining focus during competitions. This holistic approach ensures that swimmers not only excel in their physical abilities but also develop the mental fortitude necessary for the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing a competitive swimming career. The club group thus becomes a transformative experience, shaping not just skilled swimmers but also well-rounded athletes prepared for the rigors of the competitive swimming landscape.

Junior Medic Course - Life-Saving Skills for Life

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We believe that all young people should have access to first aid training. This is why, as part of our classes, we offer the STA's Junior Medic Programme which teaches vital life-saving techniques applicable not just when it comes to swimming.

This course was developed to cover issues such as what to do if someone has a sprain, broken bone, a heart attack, an asthma attack or they suffer a cut. Junior Medic classes form part of our comprehensive program which is designed for children aged 8+. The classes give a wonderful opportunity to teach kids how to help themselves, their friends and family and how to stay calm in situations which may otherwise frightening or make them panic. This course gives kids the confidence to remain calm, be helpful and could one day even save a life.

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