Frequently Asked Questions

Swimming lessons are currently held at Ladybridge High School on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturdays throughout the day

Parking at Ladybridge High school is completely free. There are 2 large car parks that can be used by our customers.

Bookings can be made directly via our website. Click here to see our current schedule. Swimmers can join at any time as we continuously assess our swimmers to ensure they are in the correct class.

Appropriate swimwear:For girls this should be a one piece costume. For boys this should be a pair of shorts, or trunks. Alternatively, many of our swimmers choose to wear all in one wet suits that have shorts and short sleeves. This is a great way of ensuring that extra level of warmth and comfort during the swimming lesson.
Swimming Goggles:Children in any stage are welcome to use goggles if they prefer to use them. Goggles do come in various sizes so make sure you choose the correct size for your child to prevent any leaking.
Swimming Hat: We always advise for our swimmers to wear swimming caps. This helps to maintain water quality, and prevents hair from getting in the eyes whilst learning. You can buy our branded hats from our store.
Towel: A towel is essential for drying off after the swimming lesson. We recommend a large towel to ensure your child is dry and warm before leaving the pool area.

Parents/carers are not required to be in the water during swimming lessons as all our teachers are water based for all swimmers until they become fully confident in swimming independently.

We currently offer swimming lessons to ladies only on Tuesday evenings 7-7.30pm.

Swimming lessons are paid for by monthly subscription payment. We are open for 42 weeks a year and payments have been spread equally over an 11 month period taking into account the Easter and Christmas breaks. Payments during August will be paused as there will be a 4 week break over summer.

Swimming lessons can be cancelled at the end of any quarter as shown on our schedule. A minimum of 1 months notice must be given. If you would like to arrange a cancelation please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

You can view your child’s progress via your dashboard. You will find two sections: the first is Progress, which grades the specific skills taught in their current Stage; the second is Awards, which lists the awards they have achieved. These certificates can then be ordered from our online shop.

If you would like to change class please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer catch up lessons or refunds if your regular weekly slot is missed.

Once your child has achieved an award, you will receive a notification via email. You can then place an order to purchase the award via our online shop and your order will either be brought along to swimming lessons or will be sent by post depending on your chosen shipping method.

Yes, we have a large viewing balcony which is located right above poolside so you are able to watch the swimming lesson in full.
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